Good eye health begins with a comprehensive eye exam in which Dr. Tye will test visual acuity, binocular vision, and ocular health. Call us today .

Your eye examination begins with a short interview to uncover your ocular history and concerns. Using an eye chart, Dr. Tye will measure how well you are seeing. He takes pride in determining exactly which lenses you require in order to see clearly. Dr. Tye will assess how well your eyes are working together, as a team, and will thoroughly examine your eyes to confirm their health or uncover any eye disease. At the end of your eye examination Dr. Tye will discuss his results with you, outline any treatment options available, and of course answer any of your questions.


Comprehensive assessments of vision, ability to focus with both eyes, and health of eyes

Contact lens fitting/assessment – determining which contact lens is best for you

Refractive surgery co-management – pre-operative tests/post-operative monitoring

Paediatric care – beginning at 6 months, continuing annually

Dry eye assessment – tailoring treatment options for dry eye treatments

Emergency eye care – eye infections/removing foreign objects from eyes

Optical services – variety of fashion and value frames

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